The Birman Girls

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Out current Birman girls

Esaya Gotterdammerung

(Esaya Thorr x Esaya Mystyque)
Blue Point Birman - DOB 12th July 2012

Some of our former Birman Ladies


Gr Ch & Gr Pr Esaya Anaisanais

(Esaya Valentina Echo x Addeilo Cystalmaze)
13c2 - Blue Point

Gr Ch & Gr Pr Esaya Anaisanais in her silver and pink decorated pen

Ch Silloc Tamarisk

13c5 - Red Point - Blood Group A

Nickname : Affectionately named Pumpkin because she is round and red!

Pumpkin received her first Grand CC at the Notts & Derby show in January 2004.


Pumpkin all snug in her basket!

Larger picture....

Esaya Tarot

13c6 - Seal Tortie Point

Our lovely Tarot

Adelflo Purrdie-ofesaya

13c1 - Seal Point

Hamshill Princess Phoebe

13cl1 - Seal Tabby Point

Phoebe, she is Purrdie's mother

Musrafy Cadirrah


Pronounced Ka-dearer.  Our Southern girl who has now grown a Northern coat!

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