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Imperial Grand Premier Esaya Icewytch - Siberian

Congratulations to Esaya Icewytch and her owners Selena and Gary James on achieving Best Siberian Female Neuter UK and Best Siberian Overall Neuter UK at the 2014 Siberian Cat Club AGM.

In March 2014, Icewytch also became the first female Siberian in the UK to gain the title of Imperial Grand Premier. This is quite a first as a few years ago another Esaya female (Esaya Bronte), this time a Seal Point Birman, became the very first Birman Female in the UK to become Imperial Grand Premier. We are very proud of them both.

Esaya Lord-of-the-Rings (13c11 - Seal Tabby Point Birman)

Despite being only a Kitten, Teddy was awarded the Best Semi-Long Hair award at the Yorkshire County Cat Club Show - 27th October 2012

Silkiestar Silversofia (Silver Siberian)

1st, BOB and IC (Cumberland - 8th Oct 2011)

Silkiestar Silversofia

* * * * * *

Esaya Thorr 13c2 (Blue Point Male Birman)

1st and BOB (Cumberland - 8th Oct 2011)
1st, BOB and trophy (Northern Counties - 10th Sep 2011)

Esaya Thorr

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  4th July 2014

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