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Byzance curled up in her favourite radiator bed whilst on a fortnights holiday!
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Ch Esaya Byzance

(Esaya Valentina Echo x Wyeview Sadie)
13c1 - Seal Point


Kizzy.jpg (14800 bytes)

Larger photo of Kizzy

Whilst not one of our pedigrees, Kizzy has been a permanent part of our home for what seems to have been forever.  We were never sure how old Kizzy was, but we think she reached the good old age of 24!!!

Int Ch Esaya Calypso

(Sire : Ch Esaya Wispa Suprise x Dam: Esaya Modern Miss) - Seal Tortie Point

Calypso lives in Germany with Claudia Ricken of the De mon Coeur cattery.

Picture of International Champion Esaya Calypson - a seal tortie point Birman
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EsayaElandil_med.jpg (31261 bytes)

Click on Ella's photograph to see a bigger version of this picture.

Ch Esaya Elendil (13c13)

(Sire Gr Ch Esaya Arathorn x Dam Esaya Chokky Buttons)
DOB : 10th May 2002

Ella is doing really well on the show bench at the moment, with 1 Grand CC and two reserve Grand CC's already to her name.  Well done to Ella and her owner Maria.

Ch & Pr Adraylo Cyan Spyce

Blue Point Birman
DOB : 18th July 1990

One of Esaya's early Stud boys

Champion & Premier Adraylo Cyan Spyce in his run

Ch Terglo Joel

Blue Tabby Point (13c12)

Imp Gr Pr Esaya Bronte (Emily)

Best Seal Point Birman
(2001 - 2002)

The UK's first female neuter Birman Imperial

Ch Esaya Rowan

Seal Point Birman

Ch & Pr Adraylo Cyan Spyce x
Gr Pr Esaya Bronte

Rowan is now happily living with his mother in Beverley, East Yorkshire

Esaya Sweetmelody (Holly)

Seal Point Birman
DOB : 9th September 2000

Holly is now living in East Yorkshire with her grandmother Emily (Imp Gr Pr Esaya Bronte).

Holly on her vantage point, with Spyce in the background

Esaya Mocha Ripple

'Chocolate Tabby Point'

Here he is at the 'Ackworth & District' Agricultural Society Exemption Cat show.  His first ever show, just look how confident he is.

Now owned by Miss Rebecca Reading.

Esaya Modern Miss


(Pr Silkpaws Samarkand x

Ch Esaya Byzance)

Moddie has now retired from being a breeding queen and is now happily settled in her new home with Esaya Mocha Ripple.

"Is this the pose you wanted mum?"

Sucette Esaya Chocaulait

(Known to us all as 'Mummy Button')
13c3 - Chocolate Point

Another of our breeding queens who has now been neutered and retired to a new home in Rotherham.

Esaya Fleur Defeu

Fleur was one of our breeding queens, but after having several litters Fleur was neutered and now lives the life of Riley in her new home in York.

(Sire: Silkpaws Der Rosenkavalier x Dam: Esaya Modern Miss) - 13c5 - Red Point

Esaya Fleur Defeu - A red point Birman snuggled up in her comfy bed
Click the picture for a larger image

Esaya Missmartypants

13c18 (Chocolate Tortie)

Just like a tube of chocolate smarties

Esaya Grace

13c1 - Seal Point

Better known as Gracie, she is an old-fashioned Birman.  Superb mum, producing beautiful kittens. Gracie (or her Ladyship as she's now referred to), has a lovely home with another Seal Point Birman called Sammy.

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